Services & Rates


Services Offered Include:

  • Therapeutic Massage (30/60/90 min)
    • A therapeutic massage session includes a variety of techniques to meet the client’s needs and goals including light to firm pressure. Relaxation is often a part of this massage though the focus is on relieving stress and pain in different parts of the body. Treatments will be individualized with a blend of modalities as needed to meet each client’s needs.
  • Craniosacral Therapy (30/60/90 min)
    • This is a gentle non-invasive gentle hands-on therapy that follows the subtle movement of your fascia or connective tissue. The therapist will lightly place (less than a nickel weight of pressure) her hands on areas of restriction that facilitates the body to gently release fixations.  During the session the client is fully clothed and the therapist evaluates restrictions in movement from different parts of the body.
  • Deep Tissue Massage (60/90 min)
    • A massage designed to help relieve pain from stress and chronic body patterns using a deep pressure to reach muscle and fascia deeper in the body.
  • Pregnancy Massage (Please call to schedule – 60/90 min)
    • Available for second and third trimester only; a note from your prenatal specialist (midwife/nurse practitioner/obstetrician) is required.

All services listed are $50.00/30 min, $85.00/60 min, $115.00/90 min except pregnancy massage which is an additional $25.00 fee.  Kinesio taping is available in addition to any above service for a $5.00 fee to cover supplies.

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